Odo Works is a video production company that aims to deliver high-quality materials in a short period of time upon customer's expectations. We believe that each and every customer deserves a special and tailored solution package, in line with her/his needs and taste.

Odo Work's main services are producing/making/editing films and videos of different types (promos, advertisements, company PR, etc.), as well as providing media and advertising consultancy.

Odo Works's video production services are available throughout the UK and Europe.​


Odo Works has started in the UK by Cem Karapolat.

He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Communication and had a Bachelors's Degree in scriptwriting from Bilgi University.

He stepped into the business working in production companies. After he has started video editing in TV Shows and Backstage Shootings, He has directed music videos and a documentary.

In 2017 his first script with Ferit Katipoglu called "Anadolu Yok (Resul's Place)" was directed.

ODO Works established for looking at new challenges in video making from pre-production to post-production.